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Gedit Slow open (2.24v)

If your gedit spends a lot of time opening or just doesn’t open… Just Disable the plugins enabled on it. And open it again!


Gnome Daemon Settings doesn’t load at session Boot (Gnome 2.24) Mandriva

If you have installed Mandriva 2009 Free or One version and your gnome settings like Icon’s theme, Cursor’s theme or Color’s theme aren’t loading on session’s boot and you have to do rigth click on “change Desktop Background” to load settings again…. you can do this:

Go to Preferences > Sessions

and disable GNOME Settings Daemon Helper and GNOME Settings Daemon

Create a new text file:


save it and make it executable.

$ chmod +x file_name

Now go to Preferences > Sessions one more time and add That file to run at boot.

Looks like the same GNOME Settings Daemon registry…. but that fix my problem with my gnome look!