Huawei administrator password ETB Bogotá

user = Administrator  #With the first capital letter

pass = soporteETB2006


Pass = soporteETB2007

Have worked for me! many times to disable the modem firewall…. change DNS servers and NAT range.


6 thoughts on “Huawei administrator password ETB Bogotá”

  1. Well, guess what? Your modem (as well as any of ETB’s modems) accepts remote connections from anywhere.
    On one hand, that means that you can configure it remotely just by accessing your external IP address. On the other hand, you can do that to anyone else’s modem, as well as anyone can do it to yours, since the user/pass are now public knowledge.
    As a side effect, that means that you can’t remotely access an HTTP server on your machine, since your modem is running one already and it’s open to the whole world…

    1. The difference is that I don’t use ETB in any of my servers or home connection…. whatever… you can disable remote access on it….

  2. hmmm yes you’re right. In that case just change admin password and restore it when you have to make a support call to ETB.

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